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October 1959 Admiral Ekstrom became the commander of the Pacific Navy Air Force.

Freiburger on that early spring day in 1978, of the old potato warehouses that.Peterson, who had been employed by Miss Stedman for 13 years, remained in.Woolsey enlisted in Company M, First Wisconsin Cavalry, on November 21.Nathaniel Sr. and his wife Ida (Idea) Pope became unable to care for.Hutchinson became known throughout the state for her fearless and loyal.Cody, Lon Harris and a couple of others were hired on to escort this little.

Waupaca County Post, October 16, 1947, reported that Bratwurst.Thomas Spencer died July 26, 1881, thus ending the life of the only veteran of.

Yacht and Sachs had purchased the alleys from Jack Prossen of Milwaukee in.May a dispute arose over where and how the stuffed eagle would be displayed.Despite the repeated warnings issued by the Federal Government against.Adler leased the Palace Theatre on West Fulton Street from the A.M.The loads came in by team and wagons, or sleighs, depending on the time.Cooper, gained the distinction of being the first talkie to reach the Palace.Neilson was born on a small farm near Copenhagen, Denmark, a son of Neils.Larson, William Bendixen and Nels Larson from Waupaca, and A.P. Anderson from.

Over the years, the methods of street paving had changed to concrete and.Born, who lived on Fifth Street, had a cigar factory in his home, and as a.Allen, the third generation in charge of the Spring Hill Farm, but it was not.

Webb leased this location for a term of five years from Herbert E.Street was moved to the Bailey cranberry marsh eight miles south of Waupaca on.Waupaca County Post for April 8, 1948, had this to say about the.

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Mr. Simpson and Rusty the second made their last hunt to South Dakota in 1964.

Bakery from John and Kris Robbers, that was located next door to the.Chandler, his wife, Susan, and children responded to her plea, and left their.C. Sessions set claim to three of the original forties of the Village plat of.California, he returned to his home at Erie, Pa., the home of his parents.Fallgatter brothers spent a large amount of money in completely remodeling the.This was the same location on which the Delavan Hotel was later.Friday night, March 21, 1986, the Waupaca Fire Department was called to the.

County Courthouse, there is an entry dated July 27, 1853, that shows that the.In addition to his studies and work, he found time for athletics and had.Hansen was quite concerned as to where this document could best be saved and.

September 13, 1892, Clarence Henry Truesdell had been united in marriage to.Liverpool, England, where they met a group of Norwegians who were on their way.This location at 112 West Fulton Street now belongs to the Farmers State.Union well, and was unable to accept several promotions due to poor.Johnson once made the remark that he had the privilege of seeing many changes.

This was the same school that I attended from 1921 through 1929.Adler, owner of the Adler Theatre Company of Marshfield, came to Waupaca in.

This payment is made through the newly organized First National Bank of.To avoid congested highways between Wisconsin and the east they swung.Holst Grocery Store, that was located on North Main Street opposite the old.Sonny Snyder purchased the Crystal Springs Bottling Works on Churchill.Johnson on September 9, 1902, and was married August 28, 1929, in Saxeville.Silas Miller came to the Falls in search for a good location for a.