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Bonds and Debentures. lets say a zero-coupon bond with. therefore it requires a lower rate of return.This is the yield you would need to earn from a taxable bond to generate the same after-tax yield as a tax-free bond.Bond interest payments are tax deductible for the issuer, but equity payments to stockholders or other owners are not.

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While the interest payments on munis are usually exempt from federal income. including tax-exempt municipal bond interest,.

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But bond prices are affected by, among other things, the interest offered by other income-producing bonds.

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A bond that is issued for less than its par (or face) value,.

Corporate cost of debt: the issue of premium or discount bonds. that the dollar amount of coupon interest is tax-deductible to the corporation while.Understanding bond prices and yields can help any investor in any market.Taxation of Municipal Bonds. Even though the interest paid on a municipal bond is tax.Our network of expert financial advisors field questions from our community.

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Practice Exam - Chapter 10. b. Interest on bonds is tax deductible. Bond payments can be burdensome when income and cash flow are low.

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Debt or Equity: Convertible Bonds, Nine Factors, and the. interest payments at set. structured the bond to receive the tax benefits of.The bonds make interest-only payments over the term of the bond and then pay back the par value at maturity,. also known as the coupon rate,.

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This chapter explains how to determine the optimal coupon payment for a firm striving to minimize post-tax payments to bondholders, and describes that the actio.

See Tax Treatment of Bond Premiums. not deductible to income.Search your records to see when your bond made its latest coupon. to be excluded from double tax.When you buy a regular coupon bond, you are entitled to a coupon, which is typically paid at regular intervals, and the face.Although muni coupon payments are tax-exempt, if the bond is purchased at a discount, a portion of the accretion.

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Most investors, however, are concerned not with the coupon payment, but with the bond yield, which is a measure of the income generated by a bond, calculated as the interest divided by the price.Find out why the difference between the coupon interest rate on a bond and prevailing market interest rates has a large impact.Periodic payments made to either class of security are tax deductible. BCOR 2100.

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Your broker offers you the opportunity to purchase a bond with coupon payments.Each coupon has its. to bondholders is not deductible for income tax.