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They indicated all terms (no annual fee), rates remain the same and is disclosed in documentation provided.Just called a CSR and I cannot switch my card from the World Points Platinum Plus to the Smart Cash Card without losing all my points.Apply for an existing MBNA credit card like the 1% cash back PremierRewards (another favorite of mine).At this moment, you might consider not using Smart Cash Mastercard on items that may be interpreted as non-retail purchases.However, I like the idea about buying gift cards from either a grocery store or gas station.Tesco to stop offering its credit card in the Irish market. adding that existing customers can continue to use their card as normal and will.According to you, we should be getting only 4.384% cashback not 5%.But definately great idea on grabbing gift cards at gas bars and collecting extra points at those stations too.Also, what do you think will happen to the existing customers of the MBNA emirates credit card.

So yes, buying gift cards from gas stations will qualify for the 2% cash back.Despite the extraordinary lengths the agent took to try and convince me to stay, I cancelled my MBNA Smart Cash card.

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I hope this helps finally close what is the best rewards credit card by far and hope you can get the card still unless your a current MBNA customer and hint you will change to another card company and they will jump to provide it to you.To make matters worse they calculate the cash back separately for each purchase by rounding down.

TD Visa credit cards with existing travel medical insurance.MBNA 0% for existing customers Credit Cards. unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards,.The goal is to offer exceptional service to please the most discerning customers.To provide the fastest access to our home page for all of our millions of customers and.Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers In. lowest and longest 0% balance transfer credit card for a. letters to existing customers indicating they.Called today to transfer from Travel card to Smart Cash, but they are not offering the Smart Cash card any more because of customer complaints about redemptions.I got this number from someone else and got through after waiting through the prompts 1-888-876-6262.Cash can also include whats called quasi-cash: casino chips, lottery tickets, stuff that can be equivalent to cash or can be converted to cash.

PS: Internet service, bell phone, restaurants, pet shops, walmart, zellers, jean coutu, pharmaprix are granted 1%.MBNA was ordered to improve the way it deals with customers struggling.I wonder if this card will give 5% rebate on gas and groceries bought in USA.

Some people say that the payment goes toward the lowest int. rate balance first (0.0%) which would obviously make my strategy useless.As recently as two weeks ago, this same procedure worked as someone else I know was successfully able to apply for the card.Deals Flyers Blog Students 0 Help Log in Sign Up About us Contact us Work for WagJag WagJag credits for TELUS customers.I would project that TD will loose many loyal MBNA customers and I.

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This can change in the future though as they are monitoring how things go.However, users are still having trouble getting their cash back. stay tuned.

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Also I like that the interest free grace period to pay back the balance every month stays the same as our current MBNA Platinum Mastercard at 28 days.The terms look the same, with price protection for 60 days after purchase and vip desk access.Cash includes but not limited to: access checks, balance transfers, ATM withdraws, over the counter cash withdraws, and money transfers (western union).

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Apparently they do not give me 2% cash back on gas purchases at Costco.I received my first statement in mail last week and noticed some items (dentist charge, Rogers bill) did not receive any cashback.

A couple tidbits, I called up that number saying my SPG card expires soon, I want to get the ball rolling on getting the Smart Cash card as the replacement.Many customers chose to take out credit cards and loans with this bank, even over banks that they had.

Find out more about our credit card offers such as standard,.Have fun and still go for gift cards and petro points combination cannot go wrong dude if you follow above.

I was just offered the MBNA smart cash world credit card for being an exceptional customer.I also asked them three times and told them as part of quality assurance of the discussion to confirm no annual fee to the mbna world points world edition upgrade card and they did each time to be sure lol.So going to redeem my points now, and after I get my rewards, call and close my account.The HotUKDeals community hunts down the cheapest price for Credit Card.When you do it this way they can offer you the Smart Cash Credit Card without having to apply online:-).

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MBNA is axing two American Express. been available to new customers since October 2015.Thousand of MBNA customers will stop earning cashback and rewards on their.She said no problem, use the SPG card until the end of the month sucking every last SPG point from it, then call and activate the Smart Cash card you received in the mail and everything will transfer over.Then get 2% when u think about it moving forward using the world points world edition card with no annual fee.

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Once they get a slew of new customers the 3% will become 1.not worth the effort in my opinion.What is the best BT rate folks have received on MBNA for existing.

Used the promo code and then had no problem with application.I recommend that you keep an eye out for when your payment is due as your credit score can be affected if payments are missed.I have the ability to transfer a balance from my MBNA SC CC to my line of credit account.The Avantcard credit card can offer you easy access to a generous line of credit for use when the need arises.Never been able to make it happen (except for my cable bill and cellphone bill).