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Pros: High quality, excellent ANR, VERY comfortable, no complaints Cons: Price, but it was worth it for me Review: I got exactly what I paid for, no more and certainly no less.Review: Very nice clear audio transmitting and receiving through the headset.Previous Customer Questions For Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth.The quality I expected from Bose by Paul from Sarasota FL USA.Moving ahead with leaps and bounds by Robert from reno NV USA.Take your music with you wherever you go with this Bluetooth.Fortunately Bose have a great warranty repair centre over here in the UK and I sent it to them and it was done with a few days.People seem to have issues if they want to use the Bluetooth to listen to music but, I have had no issues if I use my phone to play music over the bluetooth, a Nokia N8.

Bose x is a great headset and I thought how can it get much better.I never felt like gushing over how quiet or comfortable they were and sometimes cycled power just to reassure myself I had turned them on.Shop for headsets that are available in over-the-head or in-ear styles.Definitely noticed the difference with and without the noise cancelling.Pros: Comfortable and lightweight Cons: Limited Bluetooth functionality Review: Bose makes a very nice headset.

Review: This is considered one of the 3 best ANR headsets available.The main cord is also a little to cumbersome and stiff in my opinion and because of that you are a little bit aware of it during flight and if it drags or bounces against the interior of the cockpit that sound carries to the ear-cup.

Bluetooth works well as I have had to make several calls sitting on the taxiway and having to pick up IFR clearances by phone.My flight today, I put it on and forgot I was wearing until I saw my instructor take his off.Pros: Lighter, more noise attenuation, Blue toooth calls are excellent.Review: I was debating Bose A20 with other brands, but I decided to purchase A20 even though its price is higher than others.Although somewhat expensive, It is quite comfortable and does an excellent job of noise cancellation.I would buy this product again by THANASSIS from THESSALONIKI EVOSMOS Greece.I do wish the cord was a little longer but other than that its a 10.Expensive, but worth every penny by Jimmy from Thibodaux LA USA.Feed your passion for music with the Bose Solo 15 Series Ii Tv.

Pros: Light headset and good noise cancellation Cons: Bad quality material, always carrying batteries with me Review: Very light headset and very good noise cancellation.I own a 172 which is pretty loud and I love going up during a sunset while listening to Kenny G, the noise canceling works great, plus I can talk on the phone.I have only worn them for a little over 3 hours with no issue.The headset is sold with a small bag, protecting your expensive tool from all external damages.

Pros: Sound reduction Cons: Price Review: Awesome sound blocking (although not COMPLETELY silent as some have reviewed).Although the product description says otherwise, you can only use Bluetooth when making or receiving calls.I like the look, the feel, the size and the quality of the ANR.The overall noise level in the plane is much quieter than with my other ANR headset.Pros: Great sound quality Cons: Controls and headset could be a little less bulky Review: I first tried the Sennheiser s-1 Digital.Pros: Bluetooth phone connection Cons: Cost Review: My first A20 was stolen from my car and the DC was left behind.Pros: over ear gel seal comfort, noise canceling technology, blue tooth Cons: corded aux input for streaming music, vs other headsets that stream bluetooth Review: As a professional pilot with a head set on 3 to 4 days a week for up to 4 hours at a time, the A20 comfort puts this purchase into the no-brainer column.

Ends today. 15% off compact PA systems from the Bose L1 series. Ends.Best investment in aviation there is. by A Customer from Oswego IL USA.I will be purchasing another 4 in the near future for the rest of my family.

Pros: Simplicity, comfort, great anr, long battery life Cons: Price Review: Exceeded my expectations.The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is the most technologically advanced.Other side of flying by Milan from Dubai United Arab Emirates.Brand New Soundlink Micro Bluetooth. 20 Series III Wireless System From Bose.Related Accessories: Bose Replacement Microphone Windscreen Bose A20 Headset Ear Cushions Bose A20 Headset Headband Cushion Related Products: Bose A20 Aviation Headset (no Bluetooth).