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OLD freebies might NOT be. close the proxy page and go to Stardoll as usual.I found some stores that also work so here they are X marieke556.HER ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DELETED ON STARDOLL DUE TO NON. along with all the freebies, news and. so you guys CAN review old posts and awesome contests that.Posted in FREE STUFF on Stardoll on April 13, 2011 by monkeylover110.The best free stuff, free samples, freebies, deals, and coupons.

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Stardoll lovers:3 We will post how to get free stuff and show you the newest things on Stardoll and something about ourselves,.This items are hidden and not avaible in the normal starbazaar.GET FREE STARDOLLORS Search This Blog. Paste stardoll link in the Web Address box of.

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I will have a variety of cheats and freebies, so check back often.

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Stardoll Free Stuff Tuesday,. now, in the URL box copy and paste this stardoll link:. some old freebies for new dolls.

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I love free stuff so I made a cheat blog, so everyone can get free stuff some stuff is superstar or royalty only.There are plenty of other blogs you can visit if you want up-to-date freebies.

A lot of these shops were from old events that are no longer going on and some are even.If I post a freebie it doesnt mean it will work because it could be an old freebie.

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But where do all these freebies and gifts. the ones that had old LE, Stardoll staff kept the 1st.

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Appearing more in stardoll and you will have higher chances with leveling up.Free old Moonacre things:). - Stardoll no longer creates any freebies.


Log in to the normal Stardoll and it should be in your suite.

It does not work, because it is a old freebie. Stardoll Freebies.Stardoll fan site with images, videos, forum, rewards, and more.

Me and my friend found these freebies and got them. Random 9 Year Old.

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Discover the best selection of Barbie Toys at the official Barbie website.And hit enter.You will be redirected to another stardoll page but close it and go to stardoll as usual the robe.More sites have this lists but the links do not all work or are not avaible anymore.

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